What Does Your Birthstone Say About You

Full Birthstone chart

January – Garnet
If garnet is your birthstone, you’re ambitious and serious. You work hard at what you do, and you’re deeply loyal. You’re also social, sensitive, and love to teach and be taught.

February – Amethyst
If amethyst is your stone, you’re a creative, intelligent force to be reckoned with. You’re quiet, humble, and need your freedom. People with this birthstone tend to be daring and stubborn, and always follow their dreams.

March – Aquamarine
People with aquamarine as their birthstone are affectionate, honest, and generous. If this is your stone, you fall in love quickly and love to daydream. March babies can be secretive and value peace and serenity.

April – Diamond
If diamond is your birthstone, you’re strong, good with people, and aggressive. You love attention and are brave and fearless. People with this birthstone tend to be loving, generous, and motivated.

May – Emerald
If emerald is your stone, you’re stubborn, imaginative, and adventurous. You understand the feelings of others and have deep feelings yourself. People with this stone tend to be hard workers and bring happiness to those around them.

June – Alexandrite
If you’re a June baby, you’re funny and talkative. People with this stone are great with people, show character and know how to make a point. You’re sensitive and polite but can take a long time to recover from being hurt.

July – Ruby
If ruby is your stone, you’re spontaneous, fun-loving, and adventurous. You tend to hide your feelings, but are really an emotional person who cares deeply for others. You have a talent for defusing conflict with your upbeat personality.

August – Peridot
August is the month of peridot, and if this is your stone, you’re practical, positive, and fearless. You have a unique way of tackling challenges, and others admire your logical approach along with your stellar sense of humor.

September – Sapphire
If sapphire is your birthstone, you’re known for holding yourself to high standards and are always looking out for others. You have a creative streak and are innovative, which makes you great at bringing new ideas to the table. Your loyalty and desire to commit show in personal relationships.

October – Pink Tourmaline
Pink tourmaline is the stone of a strong, independent person. If this is your stone, you’re friendly, social, and charming. You’re the life of the party! You go out of your way to avoid confrontation and prefer harmony.

November – Topaz
If topaz if your stone, you’re ambitious and self-motivated. You don’t need much praise from other people to motivate you, but you still appreciate it. You’re intelligent and accepting of other people.

December – Zircon
Zircon is the stone of fun-loving, energetic December babies! You’re always on the go, and always up for a challenge. Others see you as playful and generous, and you can always put a smile on someone’s face.

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