Colossal 404ct Found

An Australian mining organization called the Lucapa Diamond Company recently made a massive—and massively lucrative—find when they unearthed a 404-carat white diamond. According to USA Today, it’s valued at as much as $14 million, and others put the estimate closer to $20 million.

The precious stone is about 2.75 inches long and its incredible size is a record-breaker. It’s the largest diamond ever found in Angola, the fourth largest diamond-producing country (and historically a major source of conflict diamonds or blood diamonds). It’s also the biggest diamond ever found by an Australian miner.

In recent months, other huge gems have made headlines. Last August, the world’s largest blue sapphire was found in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, the discovery of the world’s second-largest diamond—a 1111-carat stone found in Botswana—was announced last November.