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    The four C's stand for Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color. These are the primary factors that determine a diamond's quality and value

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    The choice of diamond shape is a personal preference, but the Most Popular are: Round, Oval, and Radiant

    There is no set rule, but a common guideline is to spend two-three months' salary. Ultimately, it depends on your financial situation and what you are comfortable spending.

    Both options have their pros and cons. Online retailers often offer better prices and a wider selection, while physical stores allow you to see the diamond in person and receive in-person assistance.

    At Lance & Co. Jewelers we stand behind our exceptional customer service and will find the best deal we can for you.

    Yes, a certified diamond comes with a grading report from a reputable lab like GIA, AGS, or IGI, ensuring you know the diamond's exact characterics.

    Popular choices include Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold. The best choice depends on personal preference, durability, and skin sensitivity.

    You can ask their friends or family for help, borrow one of their rings to have it sized, or use Our Printable Ring Sizer.

    Popular styles include Solitaire, Hidden Halo, Three-Stone, and Vintage-inspired designs. Again, choosing a style is a matter of personal preference.

    Absolutely, most of our designers offer alterations to their current designs.

    If a certain style is unable to be modified, we offer full custom options Engagement Rings.

    Lance & Co. Jewelers offers a 30 day no question asked return policy (excluding full customized pieces).

    If it doesn't quite fit, you get your first ring sizing at No Charge